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Samantha Lewis

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Name: Samantha Lewis
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: 0827838668
Location: 3 Coucal Rd
South Africa
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About Samantha Lewis

Do you look at the way your life is going and ask, is this it?

A couple of years ago that’s exactly the question I was asking. I knew there was something more, I had completed every possible metaphysical, spiritual and energy course I could get my hands on.

I was facilitating my own classes in Metaphysics, doing psychic readings and energy healing, for regular clients, my corporate wellness business was ticking over nicely, yet still I was searching for that something that would show me what I knew at the core of my being was possible. I knew there was a way to create change in a dynamic magical easy way.

One day I was doing my usual research on what’s new in the world of Corporate Massage and I came across the “Access The Bars™” website, an interesting head chart on the site” intrigued me, I book marked it, deciding to come back to it at later day.

Surprise, surprise over the next 2 weeks I had 3 different people ask me if I heard about “The Bars”, well that was it for me I went back onto the site and registered for the very next class.
The rest is, can I say history, the points of view I had been living my life from I discovered were just that – Interesting Points of View, and I could choose to keep them or change them.

I found out how to run bars and on the day had my bars run twice. My body felt so light, my mind was still, I had a greater sense of joy & peace in my being. This was exactly what I knew was possible.

I felt happy for absolutely no reason. How does it get better than that?

Today I am living the life I never thought I could have, yes it took making some choices that, previously I felt afraid to make now everything has a sense of ease, joy and possibility even the stuff that use to be difficult has a sense of ease to it.

I am an Access Consciousness ™ Certified Facilitator (CFMW), Being you Certified Facilitator and Bars and Body Process Facilitator.

Everything in my life has changed so quickly and beautifully, I am so grateful!

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Being You – The Evening Adventure 3/Apr/2017 Johannesburg, South Africa Samantha Lewis
☀ Access Consciousness® at Expos 7/May/2017 Magliesburg, South Africa Retha Nel  & 
Samantha Lewis
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