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Sacha Fossa

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Name: Sacha Fossa
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: 978-309-9399
Location: 121 Water Street
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About Sacha Fossa

I AM a playful, loving and inspiring sex, relationship and intimacy coach and healing arts practitioner. I include modalities such as Access Consciousness in my coaching sessions, or you can simply come for just an Access Bars™ or Body Process™ session. How does it get any better than that?
So much more is possible with Access Consciousness™ tools and practices!

I thought Tantra was the key to life before I found Access. I still love to play with both.
I am an Advanced Certified Tantra Educator. Teaching and sharing tantra and cutting edge sex ed is something I am super passionate about. Helping others to have better relationships with themselves and others, improving both their sex and love life is my specialty. Expanding and accessing more consciousness with coaching plus bars sessions adds so much more to ones experience.

I share from a place of intuitive wisdom and experiential knowledge. In the past, I engaged in academic and alternative Healing Arts studies, degrees, training's and certifications. My MA is in Health Arts and Sciences. Although I have studied numerous modalities of hands on bodywork and energy work, Access has become my favorite.

Access Consciousness™ is the latest and greatest way of BEING and KNOWING and PLAYING
that I am integrating into my life and practice!

What Else IS Possible?

Come relax, receive, and discover your innate and limitless potential through an Access Consciousness Bars™ session.
Running your Bars will support in releasing dis-ease, trauma, and cellular memories from the physical, emotional, mental and spirit bodies.
Deleting the old files/beliefs no longer serving you, and downloading/upgrading to the ones that do, positively changes everything in your life.

Are You Ready to Discover Your Unlimited Self?

I am available for bars sessions North of Boston, in Newburyport, Massachusetts
$100 session.
I offer the Body Process™ session Elimination and Eradication of Patterns of Disharmony as a separate session ($75), or combined with a bars session ($125)
Sessions for kids are offered, too!

How Does It Get Any Better Than That?

When I first received and trained in Access Consciousness Bars™ Sessions, my sexual energy escalated. More energy means MORE ENERGY throughout your body and life. Access really does accelerate your energy and consciousness.

Life Is Supposed To Be FUN!
Choose More Consciousness and Limitlessness Today!

I look forward to meeting and serving you!


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Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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