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Fay Thompson

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Name: Fay Thompson
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: 306-229-4393
Location: Box 127 Site 601 RR#6
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About Fay Thompson

Fay Thompson is a Certified Facilitator, Licensed Spiritual Health Coach, an Access Bars Facilitator, an Access Body Facilitator, energy master, and author of highly acclaimed book Azez Medicine: Healing the Mind, Body, and Spirit with the help of The Beings of the Light.

Fay is willing to travel anywhere in the world to teach and spread the Access Consciousness message. She is also going to be an Access Certified Facilitator in August, 2015.

Fay has a fun, joyful approach to teaching as it is one of her most favorite things to do! She even holds a Bachelor of Education with Great Distinction from the University of Saskatchewan.

Fay's mission in life is to empower others to stand in their own power and come from a place of their own knowing. Fay believes we each have all the answers we need within - we just need to know what questions to ask to access them! This is why Access Consciousness work fits so perfectly into all other forms of coaching she does.

Fay lives with her handsome husband and two beautiful daughters on an acreage five minutes from Saskatoon, SK, Canada.


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