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Christine Robb

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Name: Christine Robb
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: 412-670-4133
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About Christine Robb

Hi there :-)
As a High School Math Teacher/ Gifted Coordinator, Energy Worker, Certified Access Facilitator, BARS Facilitator and Access Body Process Facilitator, Reiki Master, certified MARI practitioner. I have years of experience and study in education and psychology to contribute to you. No matter where I am, I love playing with others to see what possibilities show up and so enjoy being there when someone chooses more of their greatness.
In Energy Hang Outs, facilitating Access Consciousness classes, individual Energy Play sessions, and other personal empowerment workshops; I offer you the possibility of being you, no worries, no limitations... just step more into you. I have found that when I receive this type of session I release dis-empowering thoughts, beliefs and emotions that can make it hard for me to experience my own energy. Energy Play sessions support and enhance who you truly be and gives you the possibility to shift, show up and shine! MARI illuminates your true psyche through exploration of symbol and color. BARS removes limitations with ease and allows you to choose what you desire. All of these modalities can provide you with more joy... How does it get any better than that?
Choose what makes you *giggle* and ask: "How do I to get more of that?!?!"


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