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Reid Garcia

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Name: Reid Garcia
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 7196714727
Colorado and Worldwide
United States
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About Reid Garcia


Welcome to a different reality! I invite you to a new way of being and living in this reality with your body, your life, and more possibilities.

Reid is a body worker with a kindness and caring that can change your life. He has spent years and years of exploring various tools of transformation involving massage, psychic school, meditation, yoga, etc. He is an enthusiastic power house of inspiration!

"When I discovered 'Access', I was in a place in my life where I wasn't very happy and needed to be shown a new possibility. After desperately searching for years for a new reality beyond this reality that was continuously squashed by those around me, I found the tools of 'Access'. It is the ability to empower you that you create your own reality as the infinite being that you be and you have complete choice in everything."

So here is a question that you may ponder:
Do you do something (ex: jobs, hobbies...) in your life for a while and get bored with it and always want or desire more? Well, I do and found that it is a gift. Are you curious? Then I invite you to explore what makes you feel ALIVE!

What makes me feel ALIVE, is being outside, riding my bike, listening to yummy music, ease, joy, fun.....

If you are feeling contraction/constriction in your body/being, I invite you to a different possibility. If you aren't feeling spaciousness, its not who you truly are! You as an infinite being, are infinite space and not the density that you've been taught that is you. You are not just your BODY, you are BEYOND BEYOND BEYOND!!!!

Do you remember the joy, excitement, and curiosity of being a child? Or seeing this in the children around you? I am here to tell you that this joy, curiosity, and wonder is totally possible as an adult. It has never been lost!

Intrigued? Curious?

Ready to explore more?



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