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Lucy Fonti

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Name: Lucy Fonti
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: +61 402992338 / 0402992338
Location: 6 Danielle Close
Wheelers Hill
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About Lucy Fonti

Are you the sort of person that learns more from personal experience? Do you gain a better understanding from having done or from being? This is the reason that I have come into the alternative health field. I have had such great benefits from using Access Consciousness™ and other alternative modalities, that I was aware I could contribute to others with the tools I have learned.

I am able to have a greater understanding of peoples circumstances, especially when I have had a similar experience in my own life or shared a connection with a friend or family member. Over the years, I have encountered either personally or within my family:

* Depression and Mental health issues
* Long Standing Chronic Illness
* Debilitating Terminal Disease
* Sudden unexpected deaths
* Physical injuries
* Autism Spectrum Disorders

And I have used tools in my modality kit to help people with similar issues to turn their life around, to have a life that is fun, full of choice and a pleasure to be a part of.


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