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Dr. Ronald Jahner

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Name: Dr. Ronald Jahner
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: 773-294-9521
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About Dr. Ronald Jahner

What would it take for YOU to begin to take care of YOU?

When is it time for the Healer to be Healed?

For Caregivers, Parents, Therapists, Coaches and anyone who makes everyone else the priority in our lives and is ready to BE the Kindness and Gratitude of us.

What else is possible?

In the early 1970's, my father was diagnosed with extensive terminal bone cancer. It had metastasized and affected all the major bones of his body. His doctors gave him 3-6 weeks to live and a prescription for all the morphine he wanted. Then they sent him home to die.

My father stubbornly insisted he wasn't going to die a "drug addict" and so we began a search for alternatives, certainly not a cure, which we had been told was impossible. We simply were looking for anything which might help control the terrible pain he was suffering without being drugged all the time.

We had worked for many years as industrial painters with incredibly high exposure to multiple toxic solvents and other chemicals. At the time, however, none of the doctors we saw recognized the connection between the hazardous toxins (most of which have since been outlawed) and our life threatening health issues. When asked if the chemicals we worked with could be a factor, one physician actually told me, "Oh no, just a few breaths of fresh air and all those chemicals are out of your system!”

At about the same time my father became ill, I had begun to experience severe symptoms of what we now know to be extreme case of Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome (CFIDS) along with severe neurological disorders and cardiac dysfunction. Perplexed doctors told me repeatedly that, although they did not know why I was so sick, I probably had only a few years to live. I was just 20 years old.

Now, over 40 years later, my father in his 80's and I am living a full life lecturing and teaching with a busy consulting practice. I am often asked what resulted in this remarkable transformation. Ultimately there is probably not one simple secret. Only the appropriate use of multiple modalities, individualized and applied at the correct time and in the correct manner works when the situation is that complex. However, one key thing I have learned is that if your consciousness and emotional stability is threatened, healing is almost impossible no matter how brilliant your therapy.

I have been studying naturopathic and oriental medicine for decades, much of that time working with seriously ill, even terminal cases. As you can see from the partial list below, I have done numerous trainings and modalities.

In my experience, the tools and techniques of Access Consciousness are among the most powerful transformational healing processes I have ever experienced. Not just for healing sickness, but for living life fully with Ease, Joy & Happiness.

Are you HEALER? A Parent? Therapist? Physician? Caregiver?

What If Now Is the Time for the Healer...To Get Healed?

If this interests you as much as it does me, please join me in lectures, workshops and classes designed to bring out the best of you and who you truly BE.


~ ~ ~
Comments about DrRon and his work...

"Last night was incredible! J. G. and I had the privilege of spending some time with Dr. Ron Jahner. This gentleman has spent the last 40 yrs of his life dedicated to empowering others and helping them realize their true potential via Body, Mind, & Soul.
A true inspiration, Dr. Ron's world renowned experience and impact is immeasurable. We're excited about this new friendship and the incredible opportunities it will bring for all of us" - AG, Successful Entrepreneur

“I love it that's what I always felt how it should be! Dr. Ron this ... has been the most beneficial, accurate, real - I can't even describe it - to me and my soul. I have worked with and been treated by and followed many healer/mentors, and this not only compliments them but leads the way - I feel like even without them I would have arrived at the same place (much faster) but I am thankful for all the un-winding/programming they have done for me. This is like the breakthrough that all that led to. It's the Grammys! It's the Holy Grail! I am DIFFERENT in just those two sessions - I wish I can describe it. It's a part of me now, or, I am me now, or, I am back - thank you SOOO Dr. Ron - I love you for doing this for me and the millions of peeps out there who are craving it, highest honor man.” ---- K.R. Professional Musician

"I came to Dr. Jahner frazzled, frustrated, and fuzzy-headed, with more bad days than good, and no real medical explanations or advice to help me. I'd been to over a dozen physicians and specialists, but none of them could get me over the last hurdle. It seemed like it had been forever since I'd felt like "myself". I was resigned to feeling tired, lack-luster, and anxious for the rest of my life. Enter Dr. Jahner! Through his unique holistic approach to nutrition, stress-reduction, mental and physical therapies, I began to see improvement almost instantly. Things started to work they way they were supposed to. My body actually re-learned how to function properly. The fog lifted, and I started having more good days than bad. The aches and pains have all but vanished, and the jitters have faded away. I've continued practicing Dr. Ron's techniques on my own for several years now with occasional office visit "tune-ups", and I'm a new person, both mentally and physically. Those bad days? Well, I just don't have them all that often now. And even when I do, they're more like what I would have called a "good day" years ago. I'm no longer using adrenalin and caffeine as a lifeline just to make it through each day. I interact with my friends and family much more positively. I'm healthier and, most of all, I'm happier. Five years ago, if I could have looked into a crystal ball and seen the "me" of today, here and now, I don't think I would have believed it. As a biologist and a scientist, I was taught to approach all things with skepticism. Nothing is proven until it has been tested and the results have been verified. Well, I'm living proof that Dr. Jahner's techniques do work. Ask my husband or my father, they're both engineers, and though hesitant at first, through watching my miraculous change these past few years, I've convinced both of them as well!" ----- C. W., Marine Biologist

"Dr. Jahner is a highly respected colleague and friend. His experience and depth knowledge in the care and management of complex medical cases never ceases to amaze me. I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to work with and learn from him. I trust him implicitly with my family's personal health concerns and strongly recommend his expertise to anyone interested in optimizing health and life performance." ---- Dr. V.G., Holistic Physician and Chiropractic Specialist

"I have worked with Dr. Jahner for over ten years. Ron is by far the best naturopath and acupuncturist I have ever worked with – and I have worked with quite a few! His techniques surpass any others I have tried in their ability to calm the mind, body and spirit and allow the body to heal. Dr. Jahner has a unique ability to educate the patient so that they are able to make changes in their life that promote their own health. I have learned so much from Ron over the years that I have become a very different person in my approach to health. I cannot thank him enough." ---- M. B., Attorney at Law

~ ~ ~

Dr. Ronald Jahner has been national board certified as a Naturopathic Physician (NMD-ANMA), with national board certification as a Diplomate of Acupuncture (Dipl.Ac.NCCA) and has over thirty years of experience in clinical nutrition and natural therapies. He is a graduate of the Hahneman Memorial Institute Postgraduate Academy of Medicine as a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (N.M.D.), the Minshew School of Oriental Medicine, the Dale Institute of Acupuncture and the Vital Life Training Institute in Encinitas, California.

Dr. Jahner is a Certified Addictionologist and is currently a faculty member and Diplomate with the American College of Addictions and Compulsive Disorders (Dipl.ACACD). He is currently a post-graduate instructor with Life University, one of the original Charter Instructors with Dr. Victor Frank's Total Body Modification Seminars (TBM) and a Certified Facilitator and Instructor with Access Consciousness Seminars.

Dr. Jahner has participated in over 4500 hours of post -graduate medical training and holds numerous certifications in a variety of medical disciplines including applied kinesiology, clinical nutrition, mental health, oriental medicine, acupuncture, cranial therapy, reflexology, pharmacology, homeopathy and botanical medicine. He has extensive experience in cooperative integrated therapy in hospital environments and medical clinics working with medical doctors and other specialists in developing innovative therapy protocols individualized for metabolic management of the seriously ill, the treatment of chronic degenerative diseases and optimizing life performance especially for those dealing with high stress lifestyles and post trauma stress disorder (PTSD).

Certified Neural-Auriculotherapy (C.Ac.) UCLA Neurology Protocol
(Drug Detox, Compulsive Behavior Disorders & Chronic Pain) -
Prof. Terry Oleson PhD, UCLA - Dr Jay Holder DACACD - Holder Research Institute
Charter Instructor, Co-Founder, Neuro Metabolic Reintegration Seminars (NMR)
Medical technique & modality integration for medical professionals - Dr Francis Remedios
Certified Reactive Acu-Kinetic Evaluation and Analysis (RAKE) - Dr Brazos Minshew
Advanced Postgraduate Technique - International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK) -
Dr George Goodheart, Dr Sheldon Deal, Dr David Leaf, Dr Timothy Francis
Structural Organization and Body Sculpturing – Dr John Buchek
Neural Organization Therapy (NOT) Dr Carl Ferrari
Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) - Dr Scott Walker
Vector Point Cranial Therapy (VPC) - Dr David Denton
Certified Acupunturist, CAc. - Ralph Allan Dale EdD, Phd - Dr Brazos Minshew
Certified Live Blood Cell Medical Microscopy and Bradford HLB Hematological Analysis -
Dr Harold Klassen NMD, Robert Bradford PhD, Michael Culbert DSc., Michael Coyle PhD
ETPS Neuromyofascial Pain Management System - Bruce Hawking D.Ac.
Homeostasis Evaluation & Rebalancing Technique (HEART) – Dr Michael Dean Morrison
Nutrabalance System of Hematological & Biochemical Assessment - J. Montante MD
NeuroLink 2000 Percussive Cranial Organization Therapy – Allan K Phillips DO
Multiple Modalty Clinical Practice – Dr John Brimhall
Certified TFH I, II, III, & Edu-Kinesthetics (Edu-K), Touch for Health Foundation (TFH)
Certified Bio-Magnetic Acupuncture Therapy - Certified Neuromuscular Kinesiology
Certified Human Ecology Balancing Sciences (HEBS)
Traditional Cranio-sacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation
Spring Forest QiGong – Master Chunyi Lin
Matrix Energetics – Dr Richard Bartlett, Dr Hector Garcia
Facilitator – Sedona Method - Release Technique Lester Levenson, Hale Dwoskin, Larry Crane
Master Practitioner & Instructor Yuen Chinese Energetic Medicine - GrandMaster/Dr. Kam Yuen
Certified Instructor - Neuro-Somatic Programming Dr. Sandr Fico, Dr. Andrew Charni
Certified Practitioner - Advanced BioStructural Correction Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz

“If you teach a stupid person something new, he thinks he is wiser than before.
Teach a wise person something new & they just redefine the extent of their ignorance.

ALWAYS, Keep asking questions!” - DrRon



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