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Sonali Gupta

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Name: Sonali Gupta
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 9920013456
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About Sonali Gupta

hey there, so...a personal info on me.....hmmm, what can i say about me??

access has given me not just tools to live by, but the ability to be "me" and that is beyond anything i can create or generate or do or even imagine as a possibility.

so what else is possible here ???? what more can i say about the "personal me".
i am just "me" and it means everything and then, perhaps, nothing :)

so much fun and ease in being who i am as an aware and conscious being!

and what more can i add to the universe as my contribution, while being me, and changing the world!

would u choose this change ???? would u let access bars contribute to you, to your life ??? would you allow it to make it more creative, generative, expansive????
to make you more aware and conscious????

if you are not entangled in the war of words and simply want to get out of where you are, to where you choose to be... come join in!


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Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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