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Evie Kelly

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Name: Evie Kelly
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 0432774070
Location: 16 Langley House, Alfred Road
United Kingdom
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About Evie Kelly

Congratulations on choosing to open your awareness to a world filled with possibility!

Hello lovely beings,

Recently I decided to embrace a more conscious life style and with it I happened to stumble across
this fabulous modality Access Consciousness®!! During my life i have often reflected back to my past as a point of reference, some experiences were not pleasant and I had allowed those events to solidify and become part of my core belief system. This in turn caused me to function out of fear control and of course limitation! Access Bars® has freed and empowered me to explore my unlimited potential functioning from allowance and seeing everything as just an interesting point of view, how light does that feel! In doing so I was able to find more and more reasons to be a contribution to my own life, to others and to our beautiful world. Working with Bars has shown me how unkind I was being to me and to see the greatness in questioning my rightness, rather then questioning my wrongness. In a world with multiple realities going on we seem to become less appreciative of our differences and become more involved with trying to fit a certain mould! Well let me tell you there is no perfect mould, there is you in your uniqueness! Be the difference in the world be that person that questions and says what else is possible? Be the person you truly be!


My contribution to Access Bars is to empower others who feel they are lacking in their lives,
to gift a session that allows one to awaken to their own gifts and share them with the world!

if it feels light for you to come and see me, i look forward to hearing from you!

"When you allow the kindness you be to set your free you enter a world of unlimited possibility"

What is RIGHT about YOU that you are NOT GETTING?

Please feel free to view my website for more details on me



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Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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