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Amy Freund, Registered Nurse, BARS Facilitator, MIAMI, FLORIDA

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Name: Amy Freund, Registered Nurse, BARS Facilitator, MIAMI, FLORIDA
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 305.576.7400
Location: Near Downtown Miami ............ If too far away, I can come to you and we can create a session or a class together!
Email Email Amy Freund, Registered Nurse, BARS Facilitator, MIAMI, FLORIDA

About Amy Freund, Registered Nurse, BARS Facilitator, MIAMI, FLORIDA

Hi and thanks for visiting my page to learn a little about me! I am a Registered Nurse, Critical Care, born and raised in Miami, Florida, yeah sunshine! I am one of 11 children so that sums up a lot of my life experiences :-)

I first came to Access Consciousness through a fellow Energy Medicine Practitioner who ran my BARS. I came with a LOT of judgments, and "didn't get it" (oh there's one of those judgments!) and walked away after attending a BARS class and demanding that Access Consciousness fit MY mold as to what a class and modality should look like. I remained with a gentle knowingness that something was very right about it, and a year later, found myself back in another BARS class. How does it get more enlightening than this?? I was giddy happy! For over a year I had been carrying in my possession so many tools for self growth, prosperity, enlightenment and never paid attention to them because I had so many judgments against them. What stupidity was I using to create the non self help life I was choosing? To keep myself "unaware" I had to create myself as stupid..how smart is that?

The BARS class is the introductory to Access Consciousness. It is the introductory to your life of freedom through asking questions, making choices, being a contribution and allowing all possibilities! And this class contains so many tools that in our haste to keep on becoming brighter, we often toss these tools to the side (It's just a choice). I am excited to share with you the infinite ways to use these tools to create a different and exciting new reality!

I've studied and certified in a Godzillion other Energy Medicine Modalities, but none of them have been as EASY and as directed "at self" as Access Consciousness. My interesting point of view is that Access Consciousness offers the easiest tools to become more aware and more conscious to create the life you truly want and deserve. There are many Facilitators in South Florida, each one can be a contribution. What would we be able to create together if you choose me? What better time to find out than now?

Class and Fee information: All BARS classes with all facilitators are a set standard of $300.

My personal BARS session fee: $100
My personal Body Process session fee: $100

Where to choose and pay: www.amyfreundbodytalk.com Select the Class and Session payment tab. You may pay on my website using a credit card, or by check/cash when in person


BARS: Taught by Gary Douglas, Founder and Dr. Dain Heer, co-Founder
Level One
Level Two and Three: Taught by Gary Douglas, Founder
3 day Body Processes: I am a BODY PROCESS FACILITATOR
Dain's Energetic Synthesis of Being
Multiple Tele-calls

I have attended the BARS, Foundation & Level One classes "at least" 3 different times with 3 different instructors (other than Gary or Dain) and several more times with the same instructor. I think I like this stuff ;-)


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