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Saeko Angwin

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Name: Saeko Angwin
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: +61 415 912 4444
Location: 6 Pelican Street Gladesville
Australia and anywhere
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About Saeko Angwin

Thank you for your curiosity and interest in Access Consciousness. I am an Access Bar facilitator - welcome to my page!

Well, I am experiencing the incredible effects of Access, ever since learning this remarkable program. When I encountered Access, I was in the midst of some big changes, which started 2012 and it has helped the process of the change with ease. Actually, as I have changed, I found the people close to me are experiencing my change, are influenced by them and are beginning to change themselves too. This is fascinating and has given me great insights into the many benefits of Access Consciousness!

I am a coach for personal development, Intergenerational relationships, career transition and options, and have encountered people who can become more aware, conscious and make changes in their being in a short period of time. On the other hand, others have met with tremendous challenges to make their own changes. Yes, choosing no change is also a choice we make!?

This has led me to a question “what makes people so different?” and so began to search for effective tools and processes for people to just be to be aware of choices which are available for them right now. That is, being present in the moment. Being present is the way to create life you desire to create by breaking the same old pattern(s) of behaviour. Access Bars is the effective tool for this!

I am so grateful to encounter Access, because through this tool and process I can empower myself and people to be aware of their ‘infinite possibility of ourselves’.

If you are interested in experiencing your bars run, please contact me at

I am very much looking forward to meeting with you!

Please visit my personal website http://www.beyourtruecolours.com for other details.


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