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Fazila Bizior

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Name: Fazila Bizior
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: +27847777204
Location: 9 Naroko Road Sunninghill Gardens
South Africa
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About Fazila Bizior

I look forward to being a part of your journey.

Since my introduction to BARS and Access Consciousness - my life has not be been the same!!!

It's no exaggeration - run your BARS and see how life changes for you.....
....in the beginning it can be as subtle as I feel so relaxed and great after a session
......by the 10th one - there was a sense of ease and calm
.......thereafter my life continued to change dynamically and incredibly each time a I was wiling to explore and choose more for me.

After over a decade of studying and doing different energy and metaphysical courses and practices, I started my practice in 2012 knowing the time had come for me to choose something different!!!

I have always been drawn to teaching and sharing my knowledge - the BARS is a phenomenal way for me to respond to this need to share and empower others with tools that I know will be a gift. I also invite you to experience the phenomenal body process classes which exponentialise your receiving as well.

What capacities and talents are you willing to claim, own and acknowledge?

I invite you to explore and play in this space of consciousness with me!!

Much love and gratitude


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