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Julie O Perkins, BF, BPF

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Name: Julie O Perkins, BF, BPF
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 7204325664
Location: 8073 Kincross Way
CO (and NY-AL-PA-Planet Earth!)
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About Julie O Perkins, BF, BPF

Greetings from beautiful Colorado!
Thanks for connecting with me here. I'm grateful that we've found each other!
Are you aware of what brought you here? Of what you are seeking?
No worries if your "mind" doesn't know - your body and being do...which is why I love working with the Bars and Body Processes of Access Consciousness!
The Bars and Body Processes have taken me to a whole new level of Awareness and Creativity. To a reality that is filled with Ease and Joy.
To a space where Change is a Choice (and is faster and more dynamic because of it)
They have contributed to me - my family - the places I live and travel - a multitude of friends - and every client who chooses DIFFERENT and MORE.
Add some verbal processing (to clear limitations and open up your awareness) to a Bars or Body Process session and create change right before your eyes! I wonder: what would it take for you to experience that?
If you are interested in or curious about any of these, feel free to contact me for any of these sessions:
*Access the Bars - 32 points on the head gently touched will release and clear limitations
**Access Body Processes - to unlock and shift energy in your body
***the Access Energetic Facelift - one of my most favorite body processes...a nurturing, rejuvenating gift for you to "face" the world anew!
****Right Body for You Tasters and Facilitation
*****Abuse Hold (contact me for current pre-requisites)
******Symphony of Possibilities sessions - in person or via distance

When I first started learning and working with the tools of Access Consciousness near the end of 2012, people asked me what changed for me. My first answer was "my perspective on life" - and now that answer has changed to "EVERYTHING!" From my physical health (I rarely get "sick" anymore) to my mental state (I actually AM happy!) to my relationships (WOW! Change CAN happen when you choose it!)...the changes are happening rapidly - easily - joyfully!
How does it get any better than that?
What else is possible now for us - consciousness - and the planet?
Want to find out more?
Until soon, friends!


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