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Maya Kanhai

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Name: Maya Kanhai
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: +233 50 151 8867
Location: 9 Coco Palms Villas 4th Circular Road
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About Maya Kanhai

I have been using the Access Consciousness tools for 3 years and they have been such a contribution in my life, that I would love to share them.

After my first Bars class in January 2014, I started running my friends Bars and had mine run every week. My first Bars-swap was on a day I was feeling very tired, but after getting my Bars run I was so energized I wanted to go out and Do things. In February and April 2014 I took my second and third Bars class. After the third one I could apply to become an Access Bars Facilitator, which I am since August 2014.

I have learned so much since that first Barsclass. The Barsclasses I took after I became a BF, with Graeme Crosskill in Capetown, livestreamed from Noosa with Gary Douglas in 2014, with dr. Dain Heer in 2015 and with both of them in 2016 taught me even more. I felt more at ease while running Bars and was able to answers clients and students questions on Bars.

By taking the Foundation and COP classes (livestreamed most of the time) I learned more Access tools. I tried them and use them in my life every day and they work!!
It wasn't easy in the beginning, realizing that I create everything in my life, everything, also the uncomfortable stuff. I stopped telling 'my stories' of pain and most of all I stopped with the trauma and drama... That choosing consciousness will create greater for everyone and for this planet was also new to me when I first started with the Bars. The thought that I can choose again every 10 seconds is so liberating.

I am a happier person than I used to be. When I feel stuck I can ask a questions to get more awareness on whatever is happening and I can always choose something different.

Last year we moved to West Africa and now I offer Access Bars private sessions and classes in Accra, Ghana.

Much gratitude for the tools of Access Consciousness, for their founders and for you, finding this page!

Contact me and let me know how I can contribute to you today.


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