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Archannaa Lackhotia

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Name: Archannaa Lackhotia
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: +91-9831031075
Location: 37/1c Hazra road Ballygunge Kolkata
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About Archannaa Lackhotia

Before I proceed let me take a full liberty of being in utmost heartfelt gratitude to Gary and Dr Dain for bringing us all together on the edge of the cliff !!! now it depends on us how we decide to jump to the ocean of pure consciousness OR be in the chaos of the mind to do this or to do that !!
One great morning i had a dream about access and that same day explored the net and jumped to the first class available in Delhi ...it was a transformative and transending day with bright horizons ahead.I realised ! I discovered! wow...the planet is nothing but an ocean of joy love and ecstacy !!what a feel! how can i get any better than this !!.hey by now I can see you melting down reading all this .Thank you for coming to my page ....
I take Bars class and give Therapy sessions for stress relief,depression,imbalances,physiological and psychological issues anyone needs to resolve !
come on ...decide ..before your mind decades!!call me ..email me ...ACT!..well little about me I happen to be the founder of my organisation catering to women in Kolkata,Delhi and Bangalore
for empowerment through self growth ...living life in full ease,joy and glory! I am here to help anyone ,and everyone ! I am that somebody who can make everybody somebody !
hey isnt your heart making a shift too??lets party! have fun ! and celebrate ACCESS !!


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Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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