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Angela T. Muskat

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Name: Angela T. Muskat
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 613-281-0277
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About Angela T. Muskat

Angela is an Access Consciousness® Bars & Body Process Facilitator, Entrepreneur and Explorer of Possibilities, Energy & Consciousness.

During a life threatening illness in 2005 Angela intuitively new that there is a different choice available than suffering, surgeries, chemotherapy and a life full of medication.

Since this time Angela has been exploring Energy as a way of living and to gain more awareness, a higher consciousness and greater expansion.
She loves teaching and all her classes are designed to give people more awareness and access to their own power and infinite knowing.

Angela is thrilled to share Access Bars & Body processes with people as they are an amazing way to allow the body to shift energy dynamically and therefore support the body to create physically changes, greater ease and more awareness.

Animals, especially Horses have a special place in Angela’s life and she loves to connect people with the energy of the horse to facilitate consciousness.

Angela has participated in various Access Consciousness Classes, like the Choice of Possibilities, Energetic Synthesis of Being, Symphony of Possibilities, 7day, ESSE etc., she also has studied various techniques & modalities like Reflexology, Reiki, Equine Assisted Physiotherapy, Hot Stone Bodywork, Photonic Red Light Therapy, Essential Oils...etc.

You can learn more about Angela on her website: angelamuskat.com


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Access Bars® 29/Apr/2017 Pembroke, Ontario, Canada Angela T. Muskat
Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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