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Marina McQueen

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Name: Marina McQueen
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: 07719342727
Location: Histon
United Kingdom
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About Marina McQueen

Marina McQueen ~ Energy Alchemist. Angelic Catalyst. Persistent Visionary. Soul Seer. Badass Bars Practitioner!

I am Choosing to INITIATE a Transformation in Global Thinking through inviting you to consider what is beyond what have you previously thought is true for you.

For example:
Identity ~ who are you REALLY?
What are you here to EXPERIENCE?
Who are you here to PLAY with?
How do you access the YOU you are longing for?

People who choose to connect with me through Bars Sessions, my personalised programs or my teaching programs, are people who are choosing something very different. I know that if we have any time together that it is because YOU are READY for a lusciously deep dive and exhilarating springboard INTO even more of the vibrancy, creativity and potency of vision you KNOW is possible.

You are courageous, unusual and DONE with the box of limitations. You are here to UNFOLD your wings and FLY.

The Bars have been the most extraordinary contribution in my life. From the first day I became a Practitioner, I stopped procrastinating on writing my dissertation (and wrote it within TWO weeks with ease!) to today, over 3 years later, and the serious and stressful of structures my life have been completely rearranged to ALLOW joy, ALLOW pleasure, ALLOW space.

I have monthly Bars Gift and Receive days or evenings, where you are invited to join us and practice and gain confidence in a relaxed, informal and playful environment.


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Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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