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Neerja Poddar

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Name: Neerja Poddar
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: +91 9830129292
Location: 8/4A,Alipore Park Road
West Bengal
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About Neerja Poddar

I always believed in logic, reasoning & analysis… things had to make sense for me to be able to work with them.

One day my husband was diagnosed with a back that needed surgery. As a…. what do I have to lose, he went for a session of Reiki healing, did not need surgery and has never been in bed after that due to his back. I could not understand it, but I knew then that there was a lot in the universe that I did not know about. It started my journey into this magical world of healing. I have been teaching Reiki now for 14 years.

Then something hugely painful pushed me into the world of Hypnotherapy. I experienced its results for myself & it became my privilege to teach it to others… to help them achieve their highest potential. The journey further led to Metaphor Therapy & Family Constellation Therapy.

Last year in 2014, I was introduced to Access Consciousness. I was so skeptical. But something made me keep using its tools & keep doing one course after another.

Life is becoming easier & more fun…. My clients are reporting happy shifts. I knew deep within that I need to take this forward, and thus I am now also facilitating Access Bars Classes & Access Body Processes Classes.

What Else Is Possible…..?

With much gratitude to all my teachers from all fields…. May their blessings pass through me…..


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