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Tracy Blehm

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Name: Tracy Blehm
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 403-452-2445
Location: 6436 1A Street SW
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About Tracy Blehm

I love teaching and sharing! How does it get any better than that?

I teach a variety of classes but have found that Access Consciousness Bars & Access Consciousness Body Processes creates the most change I have witnessed in people who are willing to become conscious.

I am always fascinated by questions and the manifestation that occurs by asking those questions. I love to find better questions to receive those better answers and the most expansive growth and evolution I am capable of generating.

Since incorporating Access Consciousness clearing statements as well as the bars and body processes into my personal growth, my family and my business I have experienced profound change that has been easy, effortless and fun.

Building and creating new clearing statements has become a passion. Sharing the knowledge so that people can choose and ask their own life changing questions is like an addiction to watching people grow, shift and change.

I teach here in Calgary at the alternative healing clinic - Lasya Healing Center that I own with my husband as well as anywhere the world opens the possibility of me to be.

What else is possible?

Anything that doesn't allow you to receive that the universe is willing to gift to you now in the form of healing, growth and personal knowledge are you willing to destroy and uncreate it all times a Godzillion? Right wrong, good bad, POD POC, all nine, shorts boys and beyonds?

I look forward to sharing and growing with you soon!


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