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Laila Rodriguez

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Name: Laila Rodriguez
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 7074188589
United States
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About Laila Rodriguez

When I first found Access and The Bars I had already been down a long and complicated journey, trying every weird, spiritual, woo woo modality I could find seeking something I knew was possible. I had already experienced profound joy and peace, through bodywork and meditation. I had been to India and Nepal, meditated by the river Ganges and climbed up to Buddhist temples in the mountains. All of it amazing and beautiful and utterly frustrating when I came back home and found myself miserable, with the same problems I had before, and surrounded by unhappy people I could not help no matter how hard I tried. All that joy, peace and magic no more than a distant dream that seemed beyond my grasp in the midst of the trauma and drama of my life. It was only in rare, fleeting moments, when by some mystery I didn't understand, I was suddenly happy and peaceful, and then just as mysteriously it was gone again.

I also knew that I not only desired to have that profound sense of deep peace and joy, but I also desired to share that with others. To be able to gift to others the gift I had received. I studied a lot of bodywork and energy work modalities, but nothing gave me consistent results... and then came along Access and The Bars.

Suddenly here was a modality, that I could learn in one day, that could do more in one hour, with more consistency that anything else I had ever encountered. The gifts of The Bars and the Access tools are many, but for me the beauty and the magic of the bars was this:

If for some reason I stop having that sense of peace, joy, and magic, I am not powerless anymore.

I have a massive set of tools that I can use to change it, and every time I lay down to receive a Bars sessions, no matter how stressed I am, or how far I feel I have drifted from how I truly desire to be, the bars always brings me back to what I now know is my true being.

Because that wonderful, sought after joy and peace is really just me showing up as I truly be.

Now when I sit to gift someone else the bars, I have my desire fulfilled, to be able to facilitate others in having more of the being that they are. To me that is the most precious, valuable thing you can gift to yourself or to someone else, and it makes my life and the world so much more fun and beautiful.

Will you join me in having more of the joy, the magic, the peace and the gift that you are to you and to the world?


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