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Amanda Barcy

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Name: Amanda Barcy
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 4802428877
Location: See Registation Confirmation Most Classes Available at I Need An Angel Home Care Conference Room 8180 N Hayden Rd, Building D, Suite D100
United States
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About Amanda Barcy

Does life come to you with Ease, Joy & Glory? What if it could all get better?
What else is possible?
What are the infinite possibilities here?
How does it get any better than this?
Who does that belong to?
What questions can I ask to change this?
What will it take for __ to show up?
And Am I focusing on problems or possibilities? These are some of my favorite Access Consciousness questions. Are you living in the question? Would you be willing to play? What if these questions could also support you in every area of your life.

Join me if YOU Would Be Interested In More Ease In Your Life!

Hello, my name is Amanda Barcy, I love the knowledge and ease I continue to experience everyday utilizing Access tools. I have literally listened to 1000's of hours of Access, in person, telesales, recordings and personal calls with the founders Dr. Dain Heer and Gary Douglas along with many of the beautiful Access Team and Facilitators. I am so grateful to have discovered Access.

I have read, listened and attended many positive, motivational, inspirational and self-development education opportunities in my life. Prior to Access I would hear the same old information recycled into a new pretty bow. I always loved the energy I would receive for the next few days following whatever endeavor I had just completed but it never seemed to last very long. My first introduction to Access was I completed a 10 day call series with Dr. Dain as an intro series to Access Consciousness. I had no previous knowledge of Dr, Dain, Gary or Access. Those 10 days on the phone with Dr. Dain changed my life. It was so different from anything I had heard before, not the same old blah, blah, blah but everything made perfect sense like a new language that I actually perfectly understood. An introduction to possibilities in my life. I used to believe that people do not change; well change is certainly what occurred for me with NO Effort. I am not the same person I was before those first 10 calls and my world just keeps getting better.

What’s changed for me with Access Consciousness: Prior to Access, it would take me 45 minutes of a one hour massage to even relax my body and to stop my mind from thinking of the million things I had going on. It took 45 minutes to relax the tension in my body and slow down all the mind chatter that was going on in my head even when I didn't feel physically or mentally stressed or overwhelmed. By the time, I began to enjoy the massage it was over. Recently, I had a massage and I was so grateful reflecting back because now it takes me less than 5 minutes to ease my mind and body, to ask what is possible and to enjoy every moment of a massage. My massage was incredible it was absolute bliss! Was it just a great massage therapist, was it me or is it both, either way every molecule of my being enjoyed it and I now I always do. If you haven’t yet experienced something like that before please know it is possible. It is wonderful. Access Consciousness tools, learning the bars and getting my bars ran continue to contribute to me, my family and my life everyday in ways I can’t even articulate. People and things that used to bother me is just not a reality for me anymore.

About Me: By trade, I am a director of an incredible home care company. I enjoy making a difference in the lives of Caregivers and Seniors that I work with. Personally, I enjoy using words like wonderful, amazing, and incredible all the time. My favorite symbols are the ! and the ?. I am blessed with a beautiful supportive family. I am happily married with three incredible children. I am so fortunate that my Husband, Mom and oldest daughter have all learned to run bars and enjoy Access.

Bars Classes: I am excited for the opportunity to contribute to others learning the bars process. I enjoyed the variety of my three education facilitators and bringing the best of what I learned over the years to you. Bars is an incredible tool to create space for new possibilities in your life.

Check out my upcoming classes. Most classes are held at I Need An Angel headquarters a professional beautiful environment in Scottsdale Arizona’s Beautiful McCormick Ranch. Nearly a dozen great local amazing restaurants within walking distance for lunch is available or bring a lunch and enjoy a walk along the lake.

Custom Services: Do not see a date that works for you; contact me to see what is possible to setup a class for you, your family, and friends.

Private Bars Sessions: Are available upon request in our amazing tranquil, peaceful “Wisdom Room”. I love giving Bars and opening up possibilities.

Want more ease in your relationships? Schedule a private simultaneous couple’s session. Private session are available for you in a few ways one you can invite a spouse or you and a friend receive a session with myself, and my husband Jeremiah. Jeremiah is a Bars Practitioner who also completes some-body processes and is a Reiki Master, as well. Or even better yet treat yourself to one session with the polarity of myself and my husband contributing to you simultaneously.

I appreciate you viewing my profile and I look forward to meeting you in person.

In the words of Dr. Dain “Is now the time?” “What if you truly being you is the gift this world requires?”

Register for Bars Class today to receive two Home-Play's to prep for our class together.


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