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Nasi Renold

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Name: Nasi Renold
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: +
Location: 4 Laski Crescent
United Kingdom
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About Nasi Renold

Welcome to My Page:

I am Nasi Renold and I am so glad you are here. I hope you will find the information beneficial. In 2009 I heard about Access Energetic Facelift and I was inspired, then I heard about Access Bars. I have been a master and practitioner of some of the other healing modalities and was searching for something different and I was searching for Access Consciousness.

The very first class is Access Bars which has been magical to lots of people, but did nothing to me, and I am not the type to just give up and I don't live some place where I will have access to swaps easily. To other people, like myself, just one session of Bars wouldn't do the job, because of this bad habit of analyzing and questioning things. After a few sessions of Access Bars, I noticed my body was starting to release and let go in an amazing way which I wasn't familiar with. After one of those Bar sessions, my lower back pain was released to my surprize and I am very grateful for that. Also there are simple amazing tools that will assist to release and let go of negative emotions or pain as they appear within seconds, and when I say, amazing, they are amazing. Within seconds the issue will be disappearing, and how does it get better than that?

I am a Facilitator of Access Body Processes, Access Bars, and Access Energetic Facelift and practitioner. Also Practitioner and Master of Reiki Healing, Practitioner of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Picture Tapping Technique (PTT), the Reconnective/Reconnection Healing, and Hypnotherapist.

As an Access Facilitator, I am teaching:

Access Bars,
Access Energetic Facelift and
Other Access body processes on:

cancer, arthritis, weight, immune system, vision, insomnia, stiffness and lack of flexibility,
sinus problem, pain and others,

As a Practitioner, I am offering:

Access Bars,
Access Energetic Facelift, and
Access Body Processes on different issues as cancer, arthritis and etc.

If you are interested in any of my services or to make an appointment, please contact me directly at www.nasirenold.com.

0178.232.2202 or
0753.810.3193 or

Thank you!


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