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Karen Berg

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Name: Karen Berg
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: +971 52 633 6378
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
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About Karen Berg

Why do I do Access and want you to know it’s available too? Because it works. It works fast, it works with ease, and it changes lives. When you become more you, we all receive the benefits planetwide.

I have practiced several energy modalities (reiki, vibrational healing, language of light, pranic healing, and more). I now use and share Access tools because they are so fast and so permanent.

My passion in life is to “wake people up” to the excellence they truly are. With Access, we will clear the limitations that slow you down in pursuing life the way YOU want.

If you are TRULY ready to embrace your magnificence and greet your life with joy, let’s play together!

I am currently doing bars and clearing sessions for individuals and small groups across the UAE and in the GCC countries and facilitating Bars classes. I also work all over the world through google hangouts and phone. Let’s have some fun!

“I strongly believe that Access is the place/modality for Karen to make her contribution to the universe. I say this because, in my own experience, she’s been instrumental in helping me to resolve some major hindrances in my life stemming from my inability to reconcile my current beliefs with those that I was taught by my parents. She helped me to find and "stand up for myself" by being TRUE to myself. That gift is so marvelous, and my gratitude so great, that it leaves me in awe and reverence. Thank you!”
Joanna O.

“Karen is one of the most powerful and energetic people that I've ever met! She is a brave, very intelligent, easy-going and funny person! Karen shares her strong positive attitude with everyone she meets on her way to get you where you’re going!”
Dominika J.

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