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Janine Eby

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Name: Janine Eby
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: 519-389-0917
Location: 135 Goderich St
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About Janine Eby

Ask and you shall receive!

I was in a place in my life where I was always searching for answers outside of myself. I would travel 2 hours to visit an intuitive woman who I would ask my questions to and have her help find the answers to MY life!

'Circumstances' changed this. My go to person was no longer in my life. I wondered how I could find these answers out for myself?

What if we could ASK questions of the Universe and RECEIVE from the Universe?! My answer did show up about two years later. I met someone who was just diving into learning and using the Tools of Access Consciousness. They lit up my world and I started using them too.

The tools that Access has given us have helped countless people, including myself and my family, create more ease in their lives, more allowance for others, and the realization that we have many more choices available to us than we may think are possible. (all this can equate to more JOY in your world :)

I have many stories of what's shown up in my life since I began using the tools of access. If something lights YOU up about taking the Foundation Class, what would it take to follow that lightness and see what magic shows up in your world? That's where it's going to make the difference :)


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