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Miriam Kuhle

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Name: Miriam Kuhle
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 0031 (0)6 24 35 12 33
Noord Holland
The Netherlands
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About Miriam Kuhle

Dear reader,

Access Bars and Access Consciousness are two wonderful gifts that I was able to receive and that I am so grateful for. It is coming home to many things that I already knew.
Many schools of lifestyles and spiritual schools come from their own point of views. Not asking to much of my own wisdom. With Access Consciousness, thia is exactly what it is about: Empowerment.

How many times was I looking for an answer? Especially when I tought Qigong to students that were in a teacher training. I was struggeling about how to answer their questions about what was going on in their life. I was not comfortable speaking from the: "It should be like that - Handbook".

What I found in Access is that living in the question opens the potential to greater possibilies and choice. I do not have to know the answer for myself and others all the time.

Working with the tools of Access Consciousness is rewarding me with a living that is much more at ease and peace, at the same time more productive.

Living in the question and allowing the answer to come into existence is amazing. Finally I found practical tools to go beyond thinking in a pragmatic and practical manner in day to day life.

My own experience, when I met the Access Bars:

I was stuck in a place for nine years not being able to speak for myself and therefore i was in a situation that was draining my energy. Two days after my first bars workshop I could finally get up and bring my case forward professionally and the situation was solved the same day.
It was such a gift to receive that.

After giving Bars-sessions to people and also receiving many Bars myself, I feel gifted to be able to hand this tool forward. It literally can reset the mind from being stuck in limitations into a functioning that works.

What if it is true that you can be more than you thought or experienced so far?
And what if this is a question of allowance in being you?
What if it only requires You to be You? How much of ourselves and the gift that we already are do we really receive from ourselves?

What would it be like, if we could receive ourselves fully in all our potential and express that to the world? How would it be like if everything you are is exactly right for you and the world? How about freeing ourselves from the limitation that builds barriers around the being that we already are? How would our world be like then?

I love to begin the day with the question: What magical energy, space and consciousness can I be to create the most for the world today?

I speak English, Dutch and am native in German.
If you want to find out, how I can be a contribution to your life, feel free to contact

Enjoy the day, Miriam


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