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Dianne Davis

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Name: Dianne Davis
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 519 770- 5763
Location: 106 Balmoral Drive
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About Dianne Davis

I Had an Access Bars 2013 from a friend I wasn't sure what it was she as me come and said come and give it a try. I thought sure why not. I am an Medium Energy Healer I went and had my Bars run wow it was amazing it change my life . It is so wonderful I took Accesss Bars Class it was like wow I need more I took more to become a Bars Facilitator . I have been teaching now for 2 years I love how much it chances their life and mine.How it open all possibilities. They have never thought they could do and they feel so amaze .Come and join us for this fun one day class. I am enjoying helping others plus having so much fun How can it get any better then this. Ease Joy and Glorie


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