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Diva Diaz

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Name: Diva Diaz
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: UK: +44 7851 229 203 ; USA: +1 805 259 6020
England and USA
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About Diva Diaz


*Video recorded by Sheila Gale (www.SheilaGale.com) and edited by Natasha Schneider!*

Access Consciousness® facilitator and international speaker, Diva Diaz began her working career in business and economic media (Forbes, The Economist, Le Monde, The Washington Post, and more) and later business intelligence.

For many years she travelled the world working and meeting with Heads of State, Ministers in Government and Blue Chip CEOs in Africa, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America. However, despite what looked like success on the outside, there was always a sense of stress, failure, not being good enough and exhaustion that she could not seem to shake. She noticed this in her peers and work environment too and could not understand why a large number of the people with whom she met and worked, who had what seemed like the ideal life, were also for the most part unhappy.

This fuelled her search for a way to have as full a life as possible, one that included happiness, ease, creativity, business, money and anything else that was joyful and contributive both to her and the world.

Having grown up in London, England, with Colombian parents and a mum who surrounded herself with books of all kinds, she had access to a lot of information that inspired her already inquisitive nature. Since she was old enough to stand on a stool and reach the bookshelves in the living room of her childhood home (aged 7), she spent most of her free time seeking, studying, reading and learning about every fascinating technique and modality she could get her hands on.

When she came across Access Consciousness® she instantly recognised that what it offers is what she had been looking for: pragmatic tools that work, empower you to know, and create the change that is truly possible in the world.

She continues to globe trot while working with Access Consciousness® and facilitating classes and workshops on what she practices daily in life and business.


Eileen talks about the Access Bars Class!

“Wow, I have just attended Access Consciousness Bars and Foundation classes over the last 3 days with Diva Diaz. I've worked with many therapies but have not found anything that is as powerful, potent and brings such easy transformative changes. I've shifted so much rubbish, feel light, expanded and more in touch with All that I Am. Infinite possibilities now available. How can it get any better than that?” ~ A.S, England

Dejana talks about Access and the Bars!

"I had the extreme good fortune to attend 4 days with Diva Diaz and am grateful for every moment. Diva not only holds the space for us to let go of lifetimes of thoughts feelings and emotions that have been keeping us stuck, she IS the space that enables that to happen at warp speed. If you are within a thousand miles of one of her classes, get yourself booked in swiftly and receive the gift that is Diva Diaz, so you can be even more of the gift that you are too" ~ Z.R., England

Ananda talks about Access!

Two months ago, I asked the universe for a break, a get-away from my vacation that was No true vacation by any sense of the word. Silly me, I received exactly that. On the last day of my vacation, I woke up with severe pain in my neck.

As the days went on, the pain worsened. I finally went to three doctors, had X-rays and finally an MRI done, only to find out that I had herniated three cervical vertebrae. The doctors put me on pain medicine and when the discomfort continued, I had an epidural injection, which was supposed to end my suffering. Literally, I was laying on my back for weeks on end knowing that I’d be there for many more weeks, waiting impatiently for my body to feel like itself again, I got to a point where I demanded a change. That's when I picked up the phone to call you.

I believe it was by the third question when I began to feel like myself again. We spoke for less than 30 minutes. You facilitated me back to a space I'd forgotten existed throughout that whole experience. You helped me become aware of what energy I was choosing to embody, reminding me of choice and questions and the gift that my body is, rather than the torture chamber I had decided it was.

Immediately, my body began to shift; the pain lessened immensely. Following our conversation, I had my bars run, As the hours went by, all the intensity continued decreasing and by the time I woke up the next day, it was as if the injury had never happened. I can't express in words the gratitude I have for you. What a gift you are to me and the those lucky enough to know you and be facilitated by you.

"HOORAY," as you say! How does it get any better than this?” S.L ~ Florida, USA

Dipti talks about her shoulder healing!


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Los “X-Men”, “Hombres X” son los “diferentes.” Los que no encajan. Nunca. 13/Apr/2017 Houston, Texas, USA Gary Douglas  & 
Diva Diaz
X-Men: Creating The Real Future 13/Apr/2017 Houston, Texas, USA Gary Douglas  & 
Diva Diaz
🌎 Clase en Línea Mundial: X-Men: Creando el Verdadero Futuro 13/Apr/2017 Tu Ciudad - En Espanol Gary Douglas  & 
Diva Diaz
🌎 Access Streamed Online: X-Men: Creating The Real Future 13/Apr/2017 Your Town Gary Douglas  & 
Diva Diaz
X-Men: Disabilities or Abilities? 27/May/2017 Torino, Italy Diva Diaz
Meet and Greet! For Access Practitioners, Bars and Certified Facilitators 25/Jun/2017 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Diva Diaz  & 
Karlina Van der Weij
The Foundation 14/Jul/2017 Manchester, UK Diva Diaz
X-Men: The Beginning of a Different Possibility 21/Jul/2017 Manchester, UK Diva Diaz
X-Men: Disabilities or Abilities? 22/Jul/2017 Manchester, UK Diva Diaz
X-Men: Disabilities or Abilities? 7/Oct/2017 Provence, France Diva Diaz
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