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Nicolas Dubant

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Name: Nicolas Dubant
Certification: Bars Facilitator
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About Nicolas Dubant

What if you’ve always known that something else was possible with relationships? What if you just haven’t chosen it yet? What would it take for you to step into something different now?

Nicolas is the Frenchman who moved to Sweden without having a clue about what he would do and how life would look like. It turned out to be a good choice and now, 10 years later, he is the father of two small boys and as much Swedish as French .

Nico’s consious journey started already as a kid when he told his father that he knew everything and didn’t just accept the reality as it was presented to him.
He has a fantastic ability to play with energies and has a gift to read other people's energy as he communicates with you beyond words. A few years ago, he seriously began to understand that he had magic in his hands and many who receive a treatment from him experience that they seldom been in such a good state of mind. Alongside his career in the outdoor industry, he has added a lot of fun things to his life. He translates books from english and swedish to french, he is hosting classes and gives BARS and Symphony-sessions, a form of energy treatment to clients. He is also a Bars Facilitator and hold courses to teach the Bars.

He is along with his partner Jessica, Sweden's first RRFY-Facilitator (Right Relationship For You) and hold courses and workshops on relationships.

His commitment to himself as well as to creating a totally different relationship regarding both his children and his partner Jessica is an invitation for many others to choose all kind of relationships that contributes to both parts rather than something that creates limitations.

He lives with his partner and two kids who also are a huge contribution and his life.


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