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Tracey Shelden

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Name: Tracey Shelden
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: 0419668434
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About Tracey Shelden

I'm so excited that you're checking me out!

Before I stumbled across Access, I spent years searching.

I've tried so many modalities and never quite found something that worked for me. Even the one that came close, still just didn't quite fit, and left me still judging me and hating myself.

Then I saw this book, Magic. You Are It. Be It.

I read it quickly and I was so excited, I began using all the tools and techniques in it right away.

Things began changing, so I desired more. Then more. And then more...

More joy, more ease, more fun, more adventure, just more of everything really.

I've gone from hating myself inside and out on every level to liking and loving myself. My body has changed. The way I eat has changed. The clothes I wear are now beautiful and an honouring of who I am.

There is so much joy in my life and my family have and continue to change with me. My daughter comes to classes with me now.

How cool is that?

Every day I use these amazing Access tools to enhance, change and create my life.

I'm following my dreams and really aware that I am the sole creator of my life - the great stuff and the crap stuff too.

I don't choose the crap very often any more (haha!) and I'm amazed every day at what I never knew I was capable of. That I can ask and I will receive - every time!

Would you like some of that - I'd love to show you the way...

Come play with me!

I would love to show you a different way you can choose to live your life.

I offer classes, sessions and facilitation for you and your beautiful body (even if you don't know that it's beautiful) - Access Bars (a great place to start), Foundation (four days to change your life), Body Process, Symphony Sessions (a session using all the tools and gifts I have), and one on one facilitating or coaching.

Feel free to call me for a chat... book in a transormational session or a funtabulous class... I'd love that! I'd be honoured.

My number is 0419668434.

What else is possible for you? Hugs, Trace xx


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