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Anicha Vos

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Name: Anicha Vos
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: +31653374467
Location: Kloosterlaan 2 1861 SE
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About Anicha Vos

Worldwide Certified Facilitator.
www.balancedhearts.com (KTNO geregistreerd HBO+ voor accreditatie therapeuten)
email: anicha000@hotmail.com

You are so welcome!!!

- Bars Classes
- the Foundation Classes
- 4 hour Body Process Classes
- Bars & Body-Proces treatments
- Host 3 day Body Class

All life comes to us with Ease, Joy, Grace & Glory!!!

Let's celebrate Life!
Thank yourself for exploring this is a life-changing modalities for those that are willing to receive and allow change to occur.
I have personally experienced amazing shifts and healing in mind, body and spirit with the tools of Access Consciousness! And have had great pleasure and excitement in watching dramatic change occur through facilitating the Bars, Body Processes and the Foundation. Especially with using the powerful Clearing Statement in combination with the Bars, Body Processes.
What is possible if you decide to let go of the things that no longer serve you? With Ease, Joy & Glory!

During a Bars- or Body Proces session, we can focus on specific issues or see where consciousness directs it. Sessions are usually quite dynamic, I have seen some tremendous life shifts with clients!
In one session, at the worst you will feel like you've had a nice massage, and at the best YOUR WHOLE LIFE CAN CHANGE.

You can mail me on anicha000@hotmail.com, most welcome, to learn how you can experience Access Bars, Body Proces or how to become an Access Bars Practitioner and a Certified Facilitator. To check out my website: www.balancedhearts.com
Thank you for the amazing being that you are!

When you let go of your own subconscious limitations, the possibilities for expansion become unlimited!


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Access Bars® 30/Apr/2017 Bergen NH, Netherlands Anicha Vos  & 
A Facilitator
The Foundation 6/May/2017 Bergen NH, Netherlands Anicha Vos
The Foundation 20/Jul/2017 Bergen NH, Netherlands Anicha Vos
Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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