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Diane Libero, LMT

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Name: Diane Libero, LMT
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 602-515-1355
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About Diane Libero, LMT

Hello and Welcome to my page!

I'm a lucky Bars Facilitator, body therapist and holistic nutritionist living in sunny Phoenix Arizona.

The first time I heard about Access Bars, I was skeptical, very skeptical... Working as a body therapist for almost 30 years, I've trained in several modalities including a few energy types (Rieki, Siekiem, Avesa) ..I thought Access would be another "new age" modality that really didn't work. But I was wrong...it worked and then some!

Lucky for me the person offering me a "Bars Session" was persistent. Adhering to my skepticism, I said no thank you. She offered quite a few times before and I finally said "ok, what do I get from this?" She said anything I wanted to create, so I made a list.
The first thing I wanted to create was to feel "normal" again. I had just finished going back to school and was exhausted from all the late night studying. I was also self employed, traveled for work, had two teenagers, a husband and we were both feeling the effects of the sagging economy - I was stressed up and maxed out!
The second on this list was to be kinder to my husband...financial stress left us both uptight. And third was that I like to have more business coming to me.

After my first Bars session, I was amazed. I felt calm and happy for the first time in a long time. A new client came into my office and by the time I got home that evening, I was so nice to my husband, he wasn't sure who came in the door. We had a fantastic evening that night and its just gotten better. Everything I ask for showed up that day!

My teenage son took a bars class with me and we run bars for the family. My daughter is in college and calls for clearings once in a while when she gets really stressed. My 90 year old mother in law loves her bars run. Boy, does it take her "edggies" off (mine too).
Access works for me to support my friends and family in a way that empowers them to see their own possibilities.

What will you create for yourself? What contribution can I be to you? I look forward to finding out.


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