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Julie Andrew

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Name: Julie Andrew
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: +61488720466
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About Julie Andrew

I’m a magnet for families who know there must be another way for their gifted or ‘difficult’ kids than the traditional ‘fit in the box or else’ systems that make everyone who is different wrong.

I was judged as ‘wrong’ and ‘uncontrollable’ from the moment of my traumatic and dramatic entrance into the world. Diagnosed with brain-damage at birth, I was drugged and locked in sheds for much of my childhood. I was sent to so many doctors to find out ‘what was wrong with me’ and I continued this search for answers into adulthood, taking myself to psychiatrists, psychologists and trying out every healing modality, spiritual and metaphysical path I could find.

At 40 and on the verge of suicide, I discovered Principles of Access Consciousness Tools® and found a way to be the potent and brilliant me that is truly ‘me’... In less than six months my life began to become a wonderful adventure and exploration of new possibilities instead of a series of mis-adventures that were killing me from the inside out.

I’ve always been aware I was different - and while I was okay with that, no-one else was. I was labelled as ADD, ADHD, brain-damaged; diagnosed with apraxia and tested for being schizophrenic and bi-polar. I was bullied, stereotyped, misunderstood and I definitely did not fit the school system.

Living with the daily frustration of no-one seeing who I was, I became a violent child. I left home at 14, living with extended family, on the streets and in foster homes, often putting my life at risk. At 23 I gave up my 6 month old son as I knew I could not care for his needs adequately. It was a difficult but pragmatic choice that gave him a better life. Also a year later I discovered I had post-natal depression.

Despite being labelled ‘stupid’ and ‘troubled’, I’ve always been a high-achiever. The truth is, I am way faster than most people can perceive. I have a knowing that goes beyond logic. My mother did not believe I had the capability to get a drivers licence or participate in any sort of further education. I qualified as an enrolled nurse, specialising in disability nursing. Despite this lack of encouragement, I have educated myself in many healing modalities, initially working as an exotic dancer to fund the classes that have built the foundation of my healing practice.

At 28 I had a horse-riding accident, ended up in a wheelchair and was told I would be in a cast for a year and may never walk again. In six weeks I was out of the cast and eight weeks later I was driving a car.

Through this experience my considerable capacities for healing became more visible! As I moved out of the ‘wrongness’ of me I discovered I have extraordinary capacities for distant and hands-on healing. At 35 I stopped ignoring my psychic capacities and started using them to help people create different futures - with their bodies, their relationships and their life.

No matter what is going on with you, your child or your family, please know there is a way through it. I am living proof! And if you are willing to embrace the difference you already are, there is joy, ease, freedom and choice available - if you are willing to go beyond the confines of traditional approaches.

And please know... it’s more than okay to be weird! What if the future you are creating is one where embracing the weird and the different becomes the norm? What if your life could be a celebration of you?


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