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Jane Pettitt

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Name: Jane Pettitt
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 07976776691
Location: 8 Wordsworth Close
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About Jane Pettitt

Hey there my name is Jane Pettitt, I live in Lichfield Staffordshire (which is located in the Midlands) UK.

I have been a seeker all of my life, looking for answers, wondering why I did not think the same as others? I have travelled far and wide to better myself and basically to understand how it was that I always felt I was wrong and everyone else what right!!!! You know the one, I was my own worst critic and as if that was not enough it attracted criticism from family, friends etc.

I found my place in work in 1987 working with Adults with Learning Disabilities, I loved it and they don't judge, they just are. I worked my way up in Health & Social Care and became a successful manager, but I was stifled and tried so hard to fit in be the good little girl, tow the line.

I took my redundancy in March 2014 and floundered coming from working under extreme pressure, meeting deadlines, dealing with disceplinaries etc...

(A little step back, I did my first BARS in 2010, I loved it but did not get it 100%, the information kept showing up then I found Andrea Lazenby was my nearest Facilitator, I dipped in again, I had all the books, lots of recordings however it once again it did not click.
Jane getting Jane began this year when I did another body Process early 2015 and I was off, I asked Andrea if she knew of anyone to do BARS swaps & she obliged, I asked and I received, from that day I realise how I had been hiding, Andrea helped me process how I was dumbing myself down from the greatness from me.

So that is it, I love it, I live in the question, I have had to learn no matter how much I want to help people that if they don't want it then there is nothing I can do. So I am being the change, shining and being the question, living it and it is now part of my life. I have been doing BARS expos (aided and abetted by Andrea.. who I owe a great debt of gratitude for showing me the way and making me see how I was in my own way- cheers Obe-Wan x).

I have drawn in work, people, finances, a sense of peace I have never know, Love, ease, joy and glory. I wake up with a expectation of possibilities knowing that the answers, opportunities will show up.... it is MAGIC to BE

Oh yes and I got to acknowledge me. X


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