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Vanitha Subramaniam

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Name: Vanitha Subramaniam
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: +60 12 7210705
Malaysia, India, UAE, ASIA
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About Vanitha Subramaniam

Thank you for visiting my page! My whole life changed with the tools and information that Access Consciousness provides and it still continues to change! If you are one of those people who have always known something else was possible and no matter how wrong you were made to feel all your life about your knowing and you have continued to seek what that is...then my friend you have come to the right place!

From one seeker (me) to another (you)...let me share my story...

I have been on my own life journey of discovering who, what, where, when, why and how I be for a long time. I knew I was different from everyone else around me even as a child. I thought and acted differently and was quite eloquent in the way I spoke and communicated that I always stood out from the rest of my family and friends. Even as a child I was very aware of the inequality between men and women especially in my culture; and was determined to stand my ground and speak my truth as a girl child that I was equal in every way to any man! Little did I know I would someday be taken under the wings of the feminist movement and groomed to follow in the footsteps of these great women who have fought for women's rights for years! But that's another story for another time...

I always followed my knowing as to what I desired as my reality even if it challenged my parents greatly. I guess I was lucky in that my parents allowed me to choose for me (it didn't always appear that way; most times I had to fight really hard to assert myself). So it was a journey that opened doors to more awareness and more possibilities. It wasn't the easiest ride in life as I seem to pick the most difficult routes with lots of stops and starts but it was all part of my personal growth and experience in becoming more and more of me. I was always interested in change and every time someone said "no you cant do that or change that" my question to myself was "why not? and what would happen if I did?" And that was how I created my reality...discovering what worked for me. I knew there was something far greater out there just within my reach so I kept asking the question- what is it and what would it take and how can I have it?

It was not long after deciding that I wanted to coach and facilitate people on ways of accessing their own conscious knowing so they can create and generate infinite possibilities with their lives that I came across ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS again. I say again because ACCESS has been showing up in my world for over two and a half years. But I guess the timing wasn't right or I wasn't ready. It was through meeting Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer and going through the ACCESS programme that literally threw open the doors for me in accessing and becoming more of me! It was literally EUREKA for me! Everything that I heard and learnt and understood as my life finally made sense because of the gift that ACCESS presented to me. I knew then that I wanted to share the ACCESS information, tools and techniques with the rest of the world as it was the easiest pathway to change that I have come across (if you are willing to choose it) and believe me I have tried numerous methods. I have done all the personal development stuff over the years, did my Masters degree in Clinical Psychology, walked on fire (Yep! Twice! Just to prove I could do it- I am a fire walker!), trained as a Transformational Leadership Coach, became a Reiki Practitioner, Tetramap Practitioner, meditated regularly, attended every named course that would lead to more personal and spiritual growth, and tried every known alternative techniques that was out there that could give me ease with everything that was me including my body. And yet always aware that there was a far simpler way to access consciousness and greater awareness... and I finally found it!

Immense gratitude for Gary and Dain for the gift they be in facilitating consciousness and change in this world; and for all the people who keep choosing consciousness and greater awareness for themselves! As more of us follow the path to our own consciousness, what invitation can we be to others and the planet?

It is as simple as - BE YOU AND CHANGE THE WORLD! What are you waiting for? Join me in an adventure called YOU!


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