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Kris Freeman, BF, CBP

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Name: Kris Freeman, BF, CBP
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 847.975.9406
Location: 457 Coventry Lane, Suite 122
Crystal Lake
United States
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Kris Freeman, Access Bars Facilitator, Access Body Process Facilitator, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner,

Ok here goes! Which came first, the chicken or the egg? When I think about how I got here I smile and scratch my head. Did my body get me here with the insistence of Migraine Headaches or did my absolute knowing that there was something more out there than what I was currently experiencing. I feel it it is a lot of both. I have always had this desire to find out more and learn more. My lack of satisfaction with what this world had to offer never seemed enough and was always something that seemed to elude me.

We are taught at a very young age to look outside of ourselves for our happiness, our meaning, our value, our worth. Yikes! What if I already knew how to heal and was refusing to acknowledge it? What if I could heal from the inside out versus the outside in? What? Am I really that powerful? I thought that I had to be acknowledged in order to heal. Boy was I wrong. And here is the one thing I came to realize, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ME. I was looking at Migraine Headaches as a wrongness and a problem. Can you fix a problem when you identify it as such? When you judge something as wrong, right, good, or bad you actually stop it from being something else. What if I looked at “Whats right about this I am not getting”? What can change if I get out of the way? What if I stopped judging and approached what was going on in my life and body with wonder and curiosity? This is the place things really started to change for me.

When bodies come into my practice with a diagnosis, I take the view that THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU! I know that seems counter intuitive. What I do know is the body will heal quicker and faster when we do not make it wrong and stop the relentless judgement. With innovative tools and techniques I am able to create a space for each client that invites them to a different possibility for there bodies, lives, relationships, etc… Its always up to you to choose it and when you do the magic you be starts to show up rather dynamically. Do you have any idea how close you are to being the magic you truly be? I do! I invite you to start choosing your living from a different space. I am not interested in fixing you. I am interested in getting you to know how alive and thriving you can be. Life is a choice. Are you willing to choose for you?


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Access Bars® 1/Apr/2017 Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA Kris Freeman, BF, CBP
Access Bars® Gifting & Receiving 8/Apr/2017 Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA Kris Freeman, BF, CBP
Access Bars® Gifting & Receiving 22/Apr/2017 Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA Kris Freeman, BF, CBP
Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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