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Manjit Khalsa

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Name: Manjit Khalsa
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: 0447359994
Palm Cove
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My name is Manjit and I am a Certified Facilitator. I also do body work that works on many levels to create a body that you know is possible. I am also a Being You Certified Facilitator.... this is much more challenging to define! I mean Being you is the one thing we don't get taught.

I have been living, creating and enjoying being in FNQ. I am originally from the UK and moved to Australia after travelling in 2010. I love the tropics...the beauty of the rainforest and the great barrier reef.

Other things about me...

I taught in high schools and worked in education for 17 years. I have had so much joy and pleasure working with students from all parts of the word to enhance and empower both them and me. Teaching and facilitating has been a huge part of my life and living.

My biggest joy is to see people thrive....live joyfully and create more than they thought possible. The tools of Access Consciousness have been pivotal to my growth, wellbeing and expansion of my life. I continue to change, grow and choose differently every day thanks to these amazingly easy, yet dynamic tools.

I am blessed and very grateful that I have these tools available to create a life that brings me more joy than I ever thought possible; and now I also get to contribute to anyone else who'd also like more!!! How does it get any better.

I run classes regularly online and in person.

I'd love to meet you and contribute to your world.

What can we be or do together that would create a different world? A world that is kinder, more nurturing, joyful, delicious, expansive and generative??

Thank you for reading this my friend!! Keep choosing for you- and keep choosing deliciously.



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5 Days to Change Your Life - Access Bars® and The Foundation 11/Apr/2017 Port Douglas , QLD, Australia Manjit Khalsa
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