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Debbie Boehlen

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Name: Debbie Boehlen
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 289.836.8149
Location: 402 King St.
Port Colborne
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About Debbie Boehlen


I was first introduced to Access Consciousness Bars in December 2014 and I just knew I had to take a class. That first class blew me away! The releases that occurred, the information I received...WOW! I decided to become a Bars Facilitator as soon as I could as I wanted to share this with everyone! I became a facilitator on January 20th, 2015 and continued my studies with Foundation and Level 1 and Talk to the Entities shortly thereafter. I wanted greater information and awareness to be able to offer students and clients.

I have known for a while that we are infinite beings in a body but somehow did not completely "get" it until the Bars. I had felt stuck for almost 3 years and Access Consciousness is what got me out of that and I have been flying ever since. I feel that the only limitations on me, my movement forward, is me.

As one of the students I have taught put it when I asked her what has changed in her life she said: "Not much but there have been huge paradigm shifts" I laughed when she said this but really this was a great way to describe what has been happening for me as well with Access Bars. Deep and profound changes have occurred, I feel different, everything has changed, yet on the surface my life appears pretty much the same to others.

I Facilitate Access Bars classes, private sessions and Gifting and Receiving shares on an ongoing basis.
for dates and times please visit my website at indianheadmassagecanada.com.

I have had the great fortune to be able to travel across Canada since 2003 to offer various massage courses so I am happy to also come to you to offer a class in Access Bars.

Thanks for visiting my page and I hope to meet you someday soon.

How does it get greater than this?


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