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Nadine Rolph

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Name: Nadine Rolph
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 306-717-2581
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About Nadine Rolph

I developed an anxiety disorder 19 years ago. I didn't want to go on anti-anxiety or anti-depression medication. Medications merely mask the symptoms. I wanted to be authentic and genuine and whole. I wanted to heal and get better on my own. It didn't matter that it was going to take longer. I started to search out alternative healing therapies. I was already familiar with the world of energy due to the supernatural experiences I had. I stumbled upon Access Consciousness "by chance" one day and immediately signed up for a Bars class and became a practitioner, and then a facilitator. Using the tools of Access Consciousness I now live a peaceful, magical, bountiful life which I am eternally grateful for. How DOES it get any better than that?

Contact me to have your Bars run, for an Energetic Facelift, Correcting Vision and remember to check out my classes!

Visit my website at: http://luminessenergyhealing.ca/

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Access Bars® 24/Apr/2017 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada Nadine Rolph
Access Bars® 25/May/2017 Nashville, Tennessee, USA Nadine Rolph
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