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Lezlee Willems, CFMW

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Name: Lezlee Willems, CFMW
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 916-501-7363
Location: 3204 Merrywood Drive
USA, Pacific time
Email Email Lezlee Willems, CFMW

About Lezlee Willems, CFMW

If you don't see a Bars class listed and you would like to take one, please contact me and we will set one up just for you! Yes you make that much of a difference to choose this, I will help you in what ever way I can!

I do have a regular eNewsletter which lists classes that may not show up here on this page, so if you are near the Sacramento area and would like to be added to my regular newsletter with free tools, clearings, recordings and class lists, contact me with your email address!

I love doing energy healing to assist people feeling better in their bodies. That's what really turns me on! I also seem to have a natural talent for assisting beings (entities) who don't have bodies and for removing imprints of old war wounds from past lives that show up in your current body. One woman with scoliosis had been blasted with a cannon and I took out the shrapnel and she felt better.

I asked Gary what it was that I was drawn to go travel to certain places on the planet. He asked me "do those places feel more like you?" and I was surprised to hear myself saying "Yes!" He explained that those places "bleed time" and that this is what I tend to do. He asked me if I was making any money at it. This is what I'm doing when I pull out the old war wounds. I can sense where these arrows or swords or things are sticking out of a body and it's easy for me. What are you carrying around that you'd like to drop like a lead weight? Let's do it!

I've seen "c" disappear 2 times already. I'd like to work with more people who would enjoy creating a phenomenal life and not just settling for what this reality seems to dish out. What would you like to change?

As a humanoid I have added quite a few fun ways of creating money. I do Graphic Design and have recently started my own MailChimp campaign - contact me if you'd like me to help you do this also. I have a wire wrapped jewelry business on etsy named "EnergyHealingJewelry" (with no spaces), I clean house, I do alterations and costumes, I sell propeller hats which bring lots of smiles to everyone who sees them.


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