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Karen Morency

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Name: Karen Morency
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 207-751-7354
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About Karen Morency

Every day is different for me, as I interact with my students from age 7 to age 97. We all have different experiences and we learn from one another...when we allow our barriers to drop and share what is true for us. I am curious about people and life, and I learn something every day...and willing to hear from every person I am lucky to know. Most of my elderly students know how much I love the brain...because the brain is YOU...and I am interested in anything to make your brain work faster, quicker, and better. Bars is one of those tools that slows the brain waves into a meditative state. I teach Bars and Body Processes, Tai Chi, office ergonomics, Chinese language, culture and dance. I have been using alternative therapies since late 1980's, when working with chemicals as an engineer, I developed Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. I was allergic to both natural and chemical scents. When my health was restored to a healthier state...even better than when I was a teenager, I began studying alternative therapies...which led me to Access Consciousness. The greatest and effective tools so far that I apply to all areas of my life! I love to laugh and have fun...what fun and ease could I contribute to your life, living, and body?


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