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Darlene Tindall

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Name: Darlene Tindall
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 705-919-9649
Location: 540 Willard Ave
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About Darlene Tindall

What would it be like to find a way to actually enjoy life, to have more ease with your endeavours and to actually feel like what you do and who you are actually matter?

I've spent most of my life thinking about how I could help people experience these things. I always knew it didn't have to be so hard, so traumatic and divisive. I studied many healing forms, read a lot , took a lot of classes, meditated, experimented, taught workshops and led retreats. All of that was great but something was still missing.

About two years ago, while leading a group event, a woman told me about an amazing experience she had had with a healing modality called the Access Bars®. It sounded similar to another thing I was doing and loving. I was curious so I looked into it and immediately signed up for a class. I have to admit that I went in somewhat defensive and not entirely open to something that I felt was a threat to my other work. I went home and dabbled with it a bit but couldn't really find how it fit. Then I discovered that a bunch of my colleagues were also practicing Bars and loving it. So, I gave it another shot and signed up for a second class.

I showed up open to a new possibility and thoroughly enjoyed my second class. I went home and shelved everything else to give me time to experience what the Bars had to offer me and my clients. Not every experience was earth shattering but there were a few that stuck out so profoundly that I discovered I was working with something very special.

It wasn't until I taught my first Bars class that I really understood the effect this work was having on my clients. I asked my students (who had all been clients) to just give a very brief introduction of themselves to the group. Before I knew it they were offering testimonials of what the Bars had done for them. I was astonished. I had no idea how deeply they were affected and how much their health and lives had changed.

I'm so grateful to be doing this work and to have the opportunity to connect with people in this way. The more I learn about the Access Consciousness tools, the more I love them. I finally feel like I'm doing what I longed for as early as I can remember.

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