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Kerry Garner Venter

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Name: Kerry Garner Venter
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: 2035247306
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About Kerry Garner Venter

Have you always known that there was something more to life? Have you always known there was something more to you?

Have you always known that there was a way to enjoy life way more than up until now?

Have you always known that there would be a time when you would be called to show up?

Is now the time for all of this and more?

What if you knew that Access was the beginning to gifting yourself and others everything you’ve always known was possible?

Do you get a sense that choosing this would expand your life, your body, your living, your relationships, your money situation, and everything else that you’ve ever desired to change?

If so, what contribution can I be to opening the door to that and more, starting right here, right now?

I may not know your name or your story, but if you’re here and interested in learning the tools of Access, then I what I do know is that anything you’ve ever desired to change or create in your life, will be available with greater ease and joy than what you’ve ever imagined!

I know that sounds crazy! And what if it was? Would you be willing to allow a little craziness into your life in order to receive what you truly desire? Just a little…?

What else would you be willing to perceive, know, be and receive that if you did, would allow you to create the life you truly desire, with total ease?

Is this the invitation you’ve been waiting for?

I always knew that I was different. I have been a seeker my whole life. I have been certified in almost every spiritual healing modality you could imagine, starting with Reiki at the age of 16; I've traveled around the world to study with well known healers, shamans, and experts in the field of personal mastery and self help and... nothing came close to the tools and processes that I found with Access Consciousness.

I used to think that I could only change or create things in my fife if I set goals, said my affirmations enough times, visualized them, meditated enough, remained positive, ensured I was vibrationally attuned to it, and on and on it went.

Using the Access tools, I have changed my whole life and been able to create things with so much ease and joy, in all areas of my life.

My business has expanded internationally and I do more and more of what I love everyday, my money flows have increased exponentially, I have created homes around the world, I have totally changed my relationship with my body and health situation from one that riddled me with chronic fatigue, neurological issues, imbalanced hormones and chronic medication to eradicating it all, including the need for medication.

If you'd like to start experiencing more ease and joy in your life and creating, generating and instituting your desired objectives, then come play at the next Bars Class!

Looking forward to meeting you in person, soon!


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