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Helen Stokes

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Name: Helen Stokes
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 0436 192 731
Location: 219 Manly Road
Manly West
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About Helen Stokes

Hi!. Thanks for stoping by.

I have always had a gift and ability to communicate with animals. It was not always accepted, though I am please to write it is more so now, as my clients grow and they tell their friends.

How did I get to be so lucky?

It has not always been an easy road. I grew up in a violent abusive house. I was raped. It has been challenging to let go of what I believed was "normal" abuse.

I met this amazing paint horse and he changed my world. He showed me that abuse can be let go and that there was a path for joy and ease if I was willing to walk it. I walked beside him and he remains energetically with me always. I know change is possible, sometimes we just need a friend to assist. Let me assist you. It does take a commitment from you of what you would like your in your world. It is simple, easy, gentle hands on the body technique.

I am a Rhoyo Reiki practitioner for more than 20 years. I know how to work with energy. I see things differently. I have a gift in communication & interpretation from animals to people. I have developed that gift and knowhow to assist you and your horse to have a greater bond.

I invite you to strengthen the bond between horse and rider.

Interpretation and an open your heart for you to know what truly is possible. You know some already when you ride you know the peace that is there. I will show you techniques to strengthen that peace and ease.

We all stumble sometimes. I needed assistance, there's no shame in asking for a different point of view it's what changes where you are now to where you desire to be.

I am a practitioner and a facilitator. Book a session, or meet me for coffee and a chat, or I'm often at Bars swaps. Let's see what truly is possible together.

Helen Stokes
0436 192 731
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I'd value your input on my page.

Bars for me is the most enjoyable of body processes Access Consciousness has taught. I have been to many classes on body processes, many Access Consciousness classes. I have trained as a facilitator and attend classes regularly. I enjoy running Bars. It is fun for me. I'm often at a Bars swap or a pony club running Bars for riders before events. Invite me to attend your and show you a different possibility of bond for you and your horse.


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