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Cindy Crawford

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Name: Cindy Crawford
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 775-846-9000
Location: 529 Dale Drive
Incline Village
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About Cindy Crawford

Hi! As a Bars® Facilitator, and I have the privilege and pleasure of sharing this great tool called the Bars® with you. I am available to teach classes, and give Bars® sessions in Northwest California, San Francisco, San Rafael, Lake Tahoe, Reno Nevada, and also your town, USA.

Have you been seeking change, or are you curious about what modalities are out there that are effective in helping create a sense of ease, a more calm and clear mind, and increased vitality with your body? Would you like to learn an easy way to create change, accelerate healing, and increase awareness?

No other modality I have ever studied or practiced has come close to providing the results that the Bars® have created for my clients. At my healing center in San Francisco for the past ~20 years, we offer many healing modalities including; bodywork, nutrition, light therapies, and also have assessment tools to track results. I use Thermography, for example, to image my clients pre and post running the Bars®, and have found that in a little over an hour of touching points on the head (the Bars®), the infrared imaging shows change including; more thermal balance, increased circulation, and less inflammation. My clients clinically report decreased anxiety and increased mental and physical vitality. My clients also report that they are healing quicker and are becoming more immune to bacterial and viral infections.
And, I ask, “What else is possible with the Bars®?” Would you like to join me and discover what else we can create?

I highly recommend getting your Bars® run at once a week and at least twice a month. If you learn the Bars® with a friend or family member, you will have a new tool in your toolbox that can come in handy when you would like more ease of energy to flow, more clarity, increased healing capacity, and more awareness.

I am grateful for Gary Douglas, Dr. Dain Heer, and the Access Team for this opportunity to share the Bars® with you.

For more information about the Bars® go to the Access Consciousness™ website.
Please email me if you have any questions, if you would like a private Bars® session, or a class in your area.

Grateful for your curiosity to explore what is possible.


Cindy Crawford
Access Bars® Classes available in San Francisco, San Rafael, Sacramento, Grass Valley, Truckee, Reno, and Your town USA.

May all of life come to you with Ease, Joy, and Glory®!!


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