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Patriccia Balan

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Name: Patriccia Balan
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: 00971555502074
Location: Arabian Ranches, Dubai
United Arab Emirates
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About Patriccia Balan

Hey Beautiful Being!

Thank you for showing interest in getting to know a bit more about me.

I am from Bangalore and live in Dubai, also go with the name Gayathreei for some. I am a resident of Dubai for about 24 years now. Most part of my career has been in the Advertising Industry. After 16 years i moved on to start a production company.

What lead me to choosing to be a Facilitator with Access Consciousness?
I have always been in wonder as to why am i here. Here as in planet Earth, why did i choose the country i was born in, the parents, the siblings, the life and simply why am i here and why am i still here? I am here in this body for what reason?

As most of us, i have a story as well and that story lead me to stop and look at, what is it that i was creating my life as? This lead me to reading a lot books, learning a lot of modalities and yet there was something missing. I heard about Access Consciousness and chose the 5 days of change class. Primarily, it was to have more ease & peace in my life. I wasn't asking for a lot.
It was after i took these classes and several other classes and seeing the dynamic change i experienced and acknowledged all the fixed points of view i was functioning from, that only created limitations after limitations after limitations, could i function from a totally different space.

I received far greater than what i was asking for. Far more than just ease & peace. A space where i get to function from possibilities rather than limitations. I get to choose to be happy everyday...and the days i am not, i get to go beyond whatever is keeping me less than and limited.

I chose to become a facilitator with Access Consciousness to be the catalyst of change i truly am for anyone choosing the same.

What i love about the tools is that you can use it in any area of your life. Money, Job, Body, relationships with Family, Kids, Partners, Depression, Education, Entities you name it.

I enjoy facilitating classes and sessions. Being able to assist someone choose based on what's real and true for them and assisting them to overcome their limitations and empower them with the tools and techniques of Access Consciousness for choosing more, being more and having more. I find this to be most gratifying.

So what choice can you make today to create the reality you desire now and in the future? As Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness says CHOICE CREATES...

So what could you be choosing different today?Choice creates.

I facilitate the following core classes:
Access Bars - 1 Day workshop
The Foundation class - 4 Day workshop
TTTE 'A Whole New World of Possibilities' - 2 Day workshop
Access Body Process - Half Day workshop
Energetic Facelift class - Half Day workshop

4 hours & teleseries:
Your relationship with money & Money Work book
Relationship with the other sex
Lies you have been told about addiction
Overcoming the limitations you made so real
Gifting and Receiving Trades
Private Sessions (The Bars, SOP and clearings) supported with whatsapp assistance after the session. Packages are also available upon request
Energetic Facelift - Book 10 or 20 sessions

Classes taken with Access:
The Bars
The Foundation
Choice of Possibilities
3 Day Body Class
Energetic Synthesis of Being
Symphony of Possibilities
7 Day Event
and online classes on Money, Relationship, Body, Purpose of Life, Distractor Implants, 10 commandments, Reset of Everything, Deal & Deliver, Need & Tug, Purpose of Life and more.


How thankful am i to find Patriccia when nothing seemed to be working and I was in an absolute funk. I had gotten in touch with her a long time ago for an access session but never go around to taking it. Had i known how fast Access Consciousness shifts things i would've jumped the bandwagon immediately.

I have taken a couple of private sessions with Patriccia and also the Access Bars class. She is a fantastic Facilitator and teacher. There is so much to gain from her! In the last 2-3 weeks since i had my first session with Patriccia, everything has been getting sorted out and working for me. Her support extends even beyond her sessions because she makes herself avialble to allow you to really practice the tools to maximize what you receive in a session. It's literally become possible to have it all!

Thanks a godzillion for Access and you!
Abeer Hakim

"When Patriccia decided to give up her successful, high flying, lucrative corporate career in a rather expensive city like Dubai most of us were nervous for her. Little did anyone realise that Patriccia's true calling in life was steadily beckoning her to, make her life more relevant & rich, not just to herself but to the people around her.

So from a hard working, hard nosed top rank professional who worked 9 to 9, Patriccia effortlessly shifted gears and became a SEEKER! Someone who constantly wanted to know more about life : the who, why, what, where of our mind. The discovery of the maginal mind remote that we hold in our hands, minus realisation or utilisation!

Today via Access Consciousness PB has found the true power of consciousness and technqiues to transform ones life. With the level of instensity and passion that PB seeks not only to learn but to impart her knowledge is awe-inspiring.

Shoba Menon/Business Owner

Look forward to playing with you.
In gratitude, Patriccia CFMW
Dubai, UAE


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