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Nisha Verma

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Name: Nisha Verma
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: +919849103493
Location: Rd.10 Banjara Hills
Andhra Pradesh
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About Nisha Verma

Hey There!

I Stumbled upon Access Consciousness by happenstance, and have been completely bowled over ever since.
It's amazing how just a simple Bars session can alter a person's reality!
The key word being SIMPLE!

When I was first introduced to Access, I thought, "Really? Is being at ease and Being joyful so simple?"

Soon after I completed my Foundation and Level 1 classes, I haven't been the same person. Choices & possibilities are just appearing all over! I'm allowing a new level of awareness and creating a whole new universe.

Access classes include body work, so you AND your body can fully receive the change. Isn't that lovely?

The true gift of this work is to be empowered to know what you know. Through receiving BARS, body processes and coaching you will change your relationship with your body, your limited viewpoints on life and begin to nurture and heal yourself… if you choose to.

How much ease and happiness are you willing to have?

You could try it too!

Sprinkle Some Magic in your Life.

In just one Hour!

How does it get any better than this?

Contact me to Learn Bars or for individual sessions, body work like Vision Correction, Energetic Facelifts or coaching.


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Access Bars® Gifting & Receiving 25/Mar/2017 India Nisha Verma
Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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