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Dr. Tara Allred

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Name: Dr. Tara Allred
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: 801-971-2737
Location: Salt Lake City, St. George, USA, and BEYOND
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About Dr. Tara Allred

Dr. Tara Allred is an international facilitator, certified coach, and business consultant with over 20 years experience in corporate and small business finance and accounting. She loves playing with numbers and empowering people to know what they know with the dynamic tools of Access Consciousness®. Tara has a beautiful and unique way of playing with the numbers that dance in our heads to create additional knowing to build a business from the creative line not the bottom line. If you are ready to start playing with the numbers and gain consciousness around the numbers in your world contact her (it just might be more fun than you thought possible). Dr. Tara has a fun and unique way of playing with numbers that take people out of their fear and unconsciousness around numbers and into creation and PLAY not from the bottom line but from the creative line.

Tara has transformed her body with total ease releasing 70 pounds and keeping it off with ease for the last 3 years. She has a unique way of working with bodies and getting people out of their body story and into creating the body they desire with total ease and FUN!

Tara was born and raised in Utah and has traveled the world learning and facilitating. Her love of learning has resulted in graduating with a Bachelors of Science in Accounting summa cum laude, a Masters degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on strategy, business planning, and finance summa cum laude, a PhD in Holistic Nutrition summa cum laude, Certified Health Coach, and most recently a CFMW with Access Consciousness®.

Do not be intimidated by all letters behind this woman’s name! She has an ability to share information and contribute in a way that empowers you (oh and she delivers it all with fun and play). With this mass of education she brings a unique set of skills, knowledge and facilitates in a way that inspires others to get out of their own way and into creating their life the way they desire.

Whether it is the number in your bank account, the number on your scale, the number in your businesses bank account, the numbers that play in your head, or the numbers you refuse to know contact Dr. Tara and see how much fun you can have playing with numbers.

Are you ready to create and play? Is now the time? Dr. Tara invites you to join her and play with the numbers that play in your head.

If you don't see a class on the schedule email me and let's create one!



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