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Monique Theunissen

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Name: Monique Theunissen
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Location: Fourways Gardens
South Africa
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About Monique Theunissen

Here's an invitation to take a step back and look at how you are living your life...

Are there areas in your life where you feel like you have created limitations, stress and stuck energy?

Do you feel the need to be invisible, to hide and to not be seen?

Maybe you have had feelings of depression or anxiety?

Maybe you suffer from sadness and overwhelm?

Would you love to be living a life that feels really aligned to your truth?

I offer a sacred coaching journey which includes a simple body process - Access Bars. This body process opens the doors to.... YOU. It entire process will help you nourish yourself with integrity - so you can live in the truth of you.

Through my own experience and personal growth I've found that when we deeply nourish and listen to ourselves - profound wisdom and beauty lie on the other side.

My desire is to put you in touch with all your potential - emotional, physical, spiritual, financial, your relationships and your legacy. So you can step forward into who you are destined to be.

This is for you if:
*You are ready to discover you and what you are meant to be
*You are ready to embrace your next level of evolution
*You want to confidently stand in your beauty & truth
*Align with your inner knowing and awareness

It means no longer listening to the old, fear based stories that have sabotaged your desires for so long.

It It means choosing yourself deeply, every day - with trust, faith and honesty

It means honouring and nurturing your body & soul.

PS. If you are ready to love yourself, come and explore if private coaching is for you

The Art of a Beautiful Life | A Sacred Coaching Journey


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