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Robyn Plim

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Name: Robyn Plim
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 0221 887 654
Location: Wanaka, Queenstown, Arrowtown and surrounds
New Zealand
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About Robyn Plim

If you have found me, then you are obviously ready and looking for some changes in your life.

Sometimes we all can get bogged down in the trauma and drama of our lives and that is all we can perceive. But we can move out of the trauma and drama that surrounds us and function from a different awareness of ‘what else is possible?’ Changing the place we function from, can be all it takes to change our awareness and lives for the better.

Access Consciousness provides you with the tools and techniques to change areas of your life that aren’t working, quickly and easily.

I found Access Bars in Mar 2015, and have never looked back since. I took my first Bars class 2 days after hearing about The Bars for the first time and seeing the power of what was possible. By May, I had completed Foundation, Level 1,2, 3 and completed my second and third Bars class, to become a Bars Facilitator. By August I had attended a Body Process 3 day. So you could say that I know what is possible, you only have to make the choice. For me, 2015 has been a wonderfully busy year!

Access Consciousness helps clear the ‘stuff” that we have locked into our bodies and lives.
If you want to get out of that old pattern, then I would love to help you to recognize the ‘you’ that you truly ‘be’.

If you are visiting Wanaka, Queenstown, Arrowtown or surrounds, give me a call or email.

I am happy to schedule:
- Access Bars sessions – 60-90minutes
- Access Bars Classes - a full day or 2 evenings -teaching you how to do the Bars yourself,
- Life coaching – to change things in your life,
- Access Body Processes – to change things in your body,
- Give an Access Taster talk (usually 1-2hr) to groups about most topics

Let me help you find new possibilities, because you never know what else is possible!

Ph 0221 887 654
email milpbor@gmail.com

Robyn Plim


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