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Cathy Biedinger

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Name: Cathy Biedinger
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 519-802-8555
Paris, ON Canada
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About Cathy Biedinger

Hi friend, I'm glad you stopped by to check this out!

I'm having FUN! I'm playing with Access Bars, creating new friends, new business and prosperity while following a personal path on my own magical mystery tour of life.

I am currently a registered massage therapist of 5 years and in August 2015 began my new journey into the world of Access Consciousness. In November I enjoyed foundations/level 1 class and now am thrilled to be offering BARS classes to you.

In this short period of time I have already witnessed multiple changes in my own life and that of others who have received BARS. It works.

I look forward to creating, playing, laughing, loving, traveling and squeezing sand between my toes; to accessing the power within and fully inhaling the essence of all that life has to offer me.

I hope you too, will discover what Access Consciousness can be for you.

With ease, joy and glory,


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